Top Tips

Before you go

·         Have your items already packaged for swapping
  • Put into jars/bags
  • Label your goods!
  • Think in terms of swapability when it comes to portion sizes. Even if your cupcakes are amazing, it will be hard to swap just one cupcake!

Bringing snacks/samples to share?

Great! Make sure to bring any serving utensils/platters you might need. Please label them on the bottom to make sure you get them back.

At the swap

·         Check in with Di & Adele and pick up your swap cards.

·         Fill out your swap cards, you will need one card for each type of item you have.
  • E.g. if you have 3 jars each of 2 kinds of jam, you need 2 cards.
·         Find a place for your items on the table and put your swap card next to them.

·         Put your snacks/samples out and be sure to label them!

·         Eat some snacks, have a drink, and peruse what others have brought.

·         You are welcome to start putting your name/items down on anyone else’s card at any time, just wait to make trades until the hosts open up the swap floor.

How to swap

·         If you see an item you want, write your name on the item’s card. You can include what you’re willing to trade, if you want.

·         About 1 hour after the swap begins, it will be time to trade!

·         There are two main methods:
  • Head back to your item and seek out the people who signed up for yours, then negotiate.
  • Seek out the people whose items you signed up for, then negotiate.
·         Don’t be discouraged if they say no, and don’t be afraid to say no! Food is personal and there are many factors that go into a swapper’s choice.

·         If your trade is successful, be sure to give your item to the person right away
  • Make sure to take your new goodies as well!
  • If you’ve traded all your items, be sure to remove your swap card from the table. 
  • Removing items helps people know how much is left available to trade.
·         Once you’re done trading, feel free to stay and socialize!

After the swap

·         Join our Facebook page to receive updates on our next swap, and to keep in touch with your fellow swappers! (

·         Please share your photos of your favourite items!